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Medicaid Planners

Medicaid planners focus specifically on the Medicaid program and helping applicants through the application process, including evaluating their qualifications, preparing the application, and handling any roadblocks along the way.

Planner Highlights:

  • Well-versed in the Medicaid program and application process
  • Crisis Medicaid planning
  • Applying for Medicaid benefits

This planner best matches with those who are:

Receiving care and pursuing Medicaid eligibility
In need of care and pursuing Medicaid eligibility
Planning ahead for their future care

What Is Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid planning typically involves spending down assets and protecting your hard-earned savings from an imminent long-term care stay. This type of planning is done when you or your loved one is already in a facility or about to enter one, but you have not done any advance planning. The main goal of Medicaid planning is to help individuals qualify for Medicaid benefits in order to cover the cost of care.


What Does a Medicaid Planner Do?

A Medicaid planner can help you complete the Medicaid application and seek the benefits you deserve. In many cases, this involves preparing the application, gathering all required documentation, submitting the application, and handling any roadblocks that come up along the way. The Medicaid program can often be too complex for individuals to work through on their own. However, Medicaid planners are well-versed in the Medicaid regulations and can help complete your or your loved one’s application accurately.


In terms of long-term care planning, a Medicaid planner can help you:


  • Pursue Medicaid benefits to cover your long-term care costs

    If you or your loved one is already in a long-term care facility or about to enter one, a Medicaid planner can help you seek Medicaid eligibility to cover your care costs. A Medicaid planner will be well-versed in Medicaid’s rules and requirements, so they understand how to get you the benefits you deserve.

  • Transfer assets to protect them from Medicaid or a long-term care facility

    Whether you are planning ahead or in a crisis situation, a Medicaid planner can help you transfer assets in order to protect your savings from Medicaid estate recovery or from being drained on long-term care costs.

  • Avoid a Medicaid denial or penalty period

    Medicaid planners have a strong understanding of Medicaid’s strict eligibility requirements, so they can ensure the Medicaid application is free of errors, reducing the risk of a denial or penalty period.

  • Preserve a legacy for your loved ones

    Regardless of your situation, the end goal for a Medicaid planner is the same - help you obtain eligibility and preserve a legacy for your spouse, children, or other loved ones.

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