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Medicaid Planning

Obtain Medicaid benefits while preserving your hard-earned assets

You don't have to lose your life savings paying the nursing home.

With Medicaid planning, you can achieve financial relief from the high monthly bill.

Who needs a plan?

What type of long-term care are they receiving?

How soon until they will need long-term care?

Don't have an immediate care need?

Get the right help for your situation.

Senior Care Counsel primarily serves individuals with an immediate long-term care need. However, if you or your loved one don't require imminent care, we can still help. If you're interested in understanding your options for paying for future long-term care, we can connect you with a specialist in our network to help guide you through your situation.

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Are they hoping to pass on a legacy for future generations?

What Is Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid planning involves legally rearranging assets in order to accelerate eligibility for benefits while preserving what's left. This type of planning takes place when your loved one is already in a nursing home and risks depleting their life savings paying the high monthly bill.

After all, everyone deserves to leave a legacy.

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Why Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid planning allows you to preserve your nest egg and escape the financial devastation of long-term care. Unfortunately, many people believe they will never require long-term care and, therefore, fail to plan ahead. Some also believe Medicare will cover the cost of a nursing home. In reality, Medicare only provides coverage in certain situations, and these benefits expire after just 100 days.

That's where Medicaid comes in.

Don't wait until the next nursing home bill arrives.

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