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No one's legacy should end with long-term care.

We help seniors understand how to pay for care and connect them with specialized legal professionals who can protect their life savings.

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Senior Care Counsel is a network of legal professionals working toward one goal: help the elderly age with dignity. We accomplish this by connecting seniors and their families with local estate planning and elder law attorneys who specialize in protecting assets and relieving the financial burden of long-term care.

As a subsidiary of Krause Financial Services, a company focused on educating and assisting elder law attorneys in their long-term care planning cases, we have a strong history in the senior planning industry. With over 30 years of experience working with legal and financial professionals across the country and providing meaningful solutions for their senior clients, we became one of the leading resource centers for seniors dealing with the financial burden of long-term care.


Who We Help

Those receiving long-term care

Even if your loved one is already in a care facility, we can connect them with a professional to guide them through Medicaid planning.

Those who need long-term care soon

If you or a loved one is showing signs of needing care soon, Medicaid planning can provide a meaningful solution to protect your life savings.

Those worried about long-term care in the future

Looking to plan ahead? We provide advance planning resources and professional connections to give you peace of mind as you age.

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Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Avoid future long-term care costs and protect assets with innovative financial and legal products.

If you're looking to prevent a financial crisis down the road, there's no better way to secure your retirement than a preemptive strike against long-term care costs. You can accomplish this through advance planning.

Safeguard assets for the future

Flexible planning options

Peace of mind as you age
In Need of Care

In Need of Care

Spend down assets and subsidize long-term care costs using Medicaid benefits.

If you are already in a nursing home or about to enter one, you may think it's too late to protect your life savings. Well, we have good news for you! You or your loved one can find financial relief through crisis planning.

Speed up
Medicaid Eligibility

Preserve assets
at risk

Find relief
from crisis

Discover Planning Options For Your Situation


PLANNING EXAMPLE: Medicaid Planning for Carol & Bob

Carol & Bob's Ages: 80, 84
Excess Assets: $250,000
Problem Assets: IRA, Savings
Total Income: $3,200
Cost of Care: $3,200/mo
Total Deficit: Deficit Symbol $5,300/mo

The Problem: Bob entered a long-term care facility 45 days ago, and Carol recently received a monthly bill for $8,500. She needs to find a way to reduce this cost, or she risks draining their entire nest egg.

The Solution: Carol works with an elder law attorney to spend down their assets properly using a Medicaid Compliant Annuity. Bob then applies for Medicaid benefits. This ensures Carol can maintain her livelihood at home and preserve a legacy for their children.

Before Planning: Cost
After Planning: Co-Pay
Monthly Savings
Assets Preserved
Disclaimer: Example is used for educational purposes only. Actual results will vary and are not guaranteed. Product availability and planning techniques will vary based on location. Personal attempts to spend down assets may lead to penalties or a Medicaid denial. Savings realized through the proper planning and guidance from a legal or financial professional.

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Our comprehensive planning guide teaches how you can protect your assets from long-term care costs.



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Get insight into the long-term care planning process, Medicaid, and other essential topics.



See practical examples of how seniors just like you have protected their assets in the face of long-term care.



Whether you're planning ahead or in crisis mode, our calculator estimates how much you can save.


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