Paying for Elderly Care

Are you seeking information regarding senior care for your loved one? Perhaps you're wondering how to pay for such care. Fortunately, you do not have to spend your life savings paying the monthly bill. Instead, you may be able to help them protect what they have left while achieving much-needed financial relief.


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It's not too late to protect your life savings.

Even if your loved one is already in a nursing home, it's not too late to protect their money. Rather than lose their savings paying the monthly bill, they can accelerate their eligibility for benefits to pay for care through proper planning with a qualified professional.

Long-Term Care Planning Checklist

If you expect your loved one will need long-term care within the next six months to a year, our checklist helps you assess your loved one's health and financial situation and develop a plan with Senior Care Counsel on your side.

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Long-Term Care Planning Checklist

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Our mission is to educate families on the options available to them. Despite what the nursing home says, it's never too late to protect your assets.

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